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92: Don’t Empty the Tub! Part 1

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Today, we will meet Kaleb Phillips, working with the Simple Church Alliance in Wilmore, Kentucky. Kaleb works with troubled teens and young adults. Within the past year, he has baptized over a dozen people! Today, Gavin and Tom talk with Kaleb about discipling young people from various family backgrounds (or perhaps no family) within the Simple Church.

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91: Are Young Adults Leaving the Simple Church?

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We’ve noticed a phenomenon among young Christians who have grown up within a Simple Church structure. The majority of them seem to discontinue their participation in Simple Churches in favor of more traditional “brick and mortar” churches. While we are thankful that they remain faithful in their church participation, Gavin and Tom wonder why they don’t perpetuate the Simple Church model as adults. Join us as we discuss this trend.


Episode Six: Children in the Simple Church

PC ButtonToday we cover one of the most asked questions concerning house church: What do I do with my children during church? We are all concerned that our children are growing in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). How is this done in a simple church?  Who’s responsibility is the spiritual formation of children? Tom and Gavin will discuss children in the church.