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95: Top Five Reasons For Simple Church

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Why do we participate in a Simple Church? Are we reacting against bad practices or negative experiences? Or are there good and positive reasons for establishing Simple Churches? Today, Gavin and Tom share their top five favorite features of Simple Church.

91: Are Young Adults Leaving the Simple Church?

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We’ve noticed a phenomenon among young Christians who have grown up within a Simple Church structure. The majority of them seem to discontinue their participation in Simple Churches in favor of more traditional “brick and mortar” churches. While we are thankful that they remain faithful in their church participation, Gavin and Tom wonder why they don’t perpetuate the Simple Church model as adults. Join us as we discuss this trend.


Episode Sixty Three: Are We DONE Yet?

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In a recent book called Church Refugees, Dr. Josh Packard examines why Christians of strong faith are walking away from the traditional church. They are “DONE” with church as we know it. Are these Christians turning their back on their faith, or are they seeking something more than the traditional North American church can give? Gavin and Tom discuss the concept of being “DONE” and what it means for the the church.


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