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79: Keeping Tithes and Offerings Simple

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Giving back to God is a vital part of our worship and devotion to God. Today, Gavin and Tom look at the various ways Christians within the Simple Church can give money towards the Kingdom of God.



If you are anywhere near Lexington, Kentucky during the weekend of September 10-11, why not join us for the 5th annual Simple Church Conference. The focus this year will be on prayer. Registration details can be found at the link below. We hope to see you there!

2016 Simple Church Conference / Sept 10-11

Episode Twenty-Six: Blind Spots

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We who have made the transition to a simple form of church think we made a good decision. Most of us cannot imagine a better way to be the Church. But are there some blind spots that we are overlooking in our desire to be a Simple Church? Is there something we are missing? Tom and Gavin discuss our potential blind spots.

Episode Twenty: Money, Money, Money

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What does a Simple Church do with tithes and offerings? How are they collected? Distributed? Are they even collected at all? Tom and Gavin discuss money and the simple church.