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115: The Origins of Skate Church

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Today, we talk to Jonathan Wilson, pastor of Lexington, Kentucky’s Skate Church. Jonathan describes the origins of Skate Church and how Simple Church principles helped establish this growing group of young Christians in Lexington.


Episode Fifty Five: What Are We Up To Now?

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Gavin and Tom are back in the studio after a two month absence. They discuss the latest things happening in their lives, their churches and their ministries. Also, they discuss the upcoming Simple Church Conference to be held August 29th and 30th in Lexington, Kentucky




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Episode Forty Two: Living Dangerously in 2015


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It’s a new calendar year and a new year of keeping it simple! On our first podcast of 2015, Gavin and Tom share their hopes and dreams for the spontaneous growth of Simple/Organic/Micro/House Churches in their areas and all over the world.

Episode Thirty Eight: A Simple Church on Every Street

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Today’s podcast is a recording of a sermon that Gavin preached back in January of 2014 at First Alliance Church in Lexington, Ky. The name of the sermon is “A Simple Church on Every Street.” Gavin describes the work currently going on within the Simple Church Alliance, as well as his vision for what the future holds for Simple Churches in Lexington and Kentucky and the world.

Gavin and Tom will back in the studio very soon to record more podcasts. In the meantime, enjoy this message.


Episode Twenty-Nine: Make the Most of Every Opportunity

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Paul tells the Church to “make the most of every opportunity” (Colossians 4:5) when it comes to evangelism and discipleship. We have endless opportunities to share Christ through our relationships, our networks and our activities. Can these opportunities lead to the formation of Simple Churches? Tom and Gavin discuss what it means to “make the most of every opportunity.”