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104: Expel the Brother! Pt 2

In the gospels, we read story after story about Jesus spending time with sinners. He ate with them. He spent time in their homes. He hung out with them. Jesus wasn’t afraid to be around sinners. He showed love to them. Yet, in Paul’s epistle to the Corinthians, he tells the church not to associate with a brother who is sinning. He even goes so far as to demand that the Corinthian Church excommunicate a sinning brother. Are the actions of Paul and Jesus in contradiction? Do we deal with sinners the same way we deal with brothers and sisters in Christ who are sinning? What’s the difference? How do we know? Listen as Gavin and Tom discuss this complicated topic. This is part two of a two part episode.

76: Racial Reconciliation and the Simple Church

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Recent events in the news remind us that even in the twenty-first century there exists a great deal of racial tension in North America. Even the church is not immune to prejudice, misunderstanding and injustice. Today, Gavin and Tom have a conversation about racial tensions and explore options for reconciliation within the Simple Church.

74: How Do We Share Our Faith?

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What is the most effective way to tell a friend how much Jesus means to you? How do you relate the gospel of Jesus to someone you’ve just met? Is there a fool-proof way of doing evangelism? Today, Tom and Gavin discuss the topic of sharing one’s faith.

72: Inward or Outward Focus?

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One of the most common criticisms of Simple Churches is that they can become inwardly focused. We can meet together with the same few people each week, but we seldom invite visitors to our fellowship. Growth is stagnant. Outreach to unbelievers is weak. In fact, many Christians seldom interact with an unbeliever from day to day. Gavin and Tom discuss ways for small groups and simple churches to turn their focus outward toward a broken world that needs Jesus.

Episode Seventy: Using Life Transformation Groups to Start Simple Churches

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Gavin is podcasting solo today. In this episode, Gavin describes Life Transformation Groups,  a way to disciple small groups of 2-3 people. LTGs were developed by Neil Cole of Church Multiplication Associates. We will hear a few words from him as well.

Can a small group like a Life Transformation Group ultimately lead to the formation of a Simple Church? What does that process look like?


To see or hear more about Life Transformation Groups, go to Neil’s website:



Episode Sixty Five: What Exactly IS a Church?

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Today, Gavin and Tom ask the question “What IS a church?” We can all describe church based on what we experience: a place to go, a group to belong to. But what do the scriptures say about who or what is the Church?

Watch this video to see the “triangle and square” concept Gavin described in the podcast:

Episode Sixty Two: Celebrating Two Years of Podcasting!

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2 years

Keep It Simple has been on the air for two years now! The time has flown by! Today, Tom and Gavin reflect on the past two years of discussing the Simple Church and reveal plans for upcoming episodes. Prepare for a reboot of our podcast for 2016!

What are your favorite episodes from the last 61 posts? Leave a comment below. Also let us know what you want to discuss in the future.