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Episode Thirty-Five: The Challenge Before Us

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For most of the 20th Century, the church was a prominent part of our culture. Even if some people never attended church, the institution of church had much more respect than it does now in the early 21st century. It seems that the church is not as attractive as it used to be in our society. If this is true, what are the ramifications for church today, whatever form it may take? How will the church make disciples of the people in our society if the society has little interest in Christianity or the church? Listen as Gavin, David and Tom discuss this topic.

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Episode Twenty-Eight: Leadership Training in the Simple Church Pt. 2

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Sometimes, both leadership and training are unfortunately downplayed within Simple Churches. But is this a good trend? Don’t  we need leaders? And don’t we need to train them? And what would this training look like? From Mentoring Relationships to formal Seminary Education, Tom and Gavin explore various ways to equip leaders in the Simple Church. Part 2 of 2 parts.



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Episode Twenty Two: Take Me To Your Leader

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Tom, Gavin and Matt discuss leadership in the Simple Church. Who are the leaders? What are their qualifications? How are leaders chosen? What are their responsibilities? We explore some of these issues.