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73: Is Doctrine Important to Simple Church?

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Tom and Gavin have already stressed the importance of the study of scripture within the Church. But in our studies, what happens if people in our churches come up with numerous interpretations to a basic scripture passage? By what standard do we evaluate our interpretations? Is there value to systematic theology? Whose “doctrine” do we follow? In this lively and spirited discussion, Gavin and Tom examine the value of “contending for the faith once given to the saints.”

Episode Fifty Six: Is Unity Possible in the Church?

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Tom and Gavin ask the question, “Why is there not more unity within the Church?” With hundreds of thousands of different denominations and various views on theological and doctrinal issues, how do followers of Jesus agree on anything? What are the issues and beliefs that we can all agree on? How do we deal with those who disagree with us? How do we determine who is right and who is wrong?

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Episode Thirty Four: Mentoring, Part 2

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This week, we continue to hear from David Toth as he describes discipleship through mentoring. Jesus taught his disciples by many means, but the most effective way was through mentoring one-on-one or in small intimate groups. This will be part two of a two-part series.


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Episode Twenty Four: Communion in the Simple Church

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This is Easter Week as well as Passover Week. It is fitting that we take time to discuss a very important topic for any church: Communion. It is one of the Sacraments, or Ordinances of the Church and a key practice for churches of all denominations. Communion is not just a ceremony to fill the time in a church service. Rather it is an important symbol of the atoning sacrifice, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this episode, we describe Communion and how it may be practiced in various ways in a Simple Church.

Episode Eight: Protecting the Simple Church from False Teaching, Part 2

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Part 2 of the podcast we started last week. We continue to discuss the dangers and remedies of false teaching in the Simple Church (or any church!).