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108: Discipleship Through Hospitality


Missionaries suggest that the North American Church – as we normally experience it – is not the friendliest place in which to disciple a new Christian from a culture different from our own. There are many barriers and obstacles that a cross-cultural disciple must overcome in order to grow in Christ within the American Church. How can we make that adjustment easier for someone from a different culture? Is the attractional church model effective in this case? Could the Simple Church do any better? Listen as Tom and Gavin discuss discipleship and hospitality in the church.

94: Benedict Optional?

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In a recent book called “The Benedict Option: A Strategy For Christians in a Post-Christian Nation,” Rod Dreher describes the impending decline of Christian influence in the West and offers suggestions for preserving Christianity within a hostile anti-Christian culture. Today, Tom and Gavin review the book and discuss ways that the Simple Church can help preserve the Christian faith in a non-Christian world.

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Episode Thirty-Five: The Challenge Before Us

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For most of the 20th Century, the church was a prominent part of our culture. Even if some people never attended church, the institution of church had much more respect than it does now in the early 21st century. It seems that the church is not as attractive as it used to be in our society. If this is true, what are the ramifications for church today, whatever form it may take? How will the church make disciples of the people in our society if the society has little interest in Christianity or the church? Listen as Gavin, David and Tom discuss this topic.

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