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119: Does God Really Love Us? How Can We Know For Sure?

As Gavin reviews the recent Simple Church Conference, he brings up one of the topics: How Do We Know That God Really Loves Us? Tom and Gavin weigh in on this topic. Does God love us only when we obey Him? Is His love really unconditional? How do we know and experience His love?

Episode Fifty Eight: 2015 Simple Church Conference Wrap Up

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Tom and Gavin share their impressions and highlights from the recent Simple Church Conference held in late August in Lexington, Kentucky.
One of the links mentioned in this podcast is a free e-book: The Luke 10 Manual:

Episode Fifty Seven: The Future of Marriage in America

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A recent Supreme Court Decision has made Gay Marriage legal in all fifty states. But is “legal” the same as good, or right? In this podcast, Gavin and Tom discuss the ramifications of Gay Marriage for society and the church. How should followers of Christ deal with this topic in a biblical way? Are we “haters” if we disagree with society? What is the future of Marriage in America?


…to sign up for the fourth annual Simple Church Conference, August 29th and 30th in Lexington, Kentucky. Our special guests will be Tony and Felicity Dale! Come and see us in the beautiful Bluegrass region of Kentucky. For details and registration, click here:





Join Us For The 4th Annual Simple Church Conference! August 29-30, 2015 Lexington, Kentucky


We are excited to have Tony and Felicity Dale join us once again to share their wealth of knowledge and first hand experience with simple church planting across the globe.  You will not want to miss this great opportunity to be encouraged and equipped to experience Jesus and his Kingdom right where you live in simple ways!

Tony and Felicity have authored numerous books on the subjects of discipleship, house church, church multiplication and the ability of all believers to make disciples and start reproducing churches, including  Small Is Big!: Unleashing the Big Impact of Intentionally Small Churches, The Black Swan Effect, An Army of Ordinary People: Stories of Real-Life Men and Women Simply Being the Church

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See a Map of the Lexington Area



Episode Fifty Four: Highlights From the 2014 Simple Church Conference-Tom

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Today we play highlights from last year’s Simple Church Conference held in Wilmore, Kentucky in September, 2014. One of our keynote speakers, Tom LeCompte, points out that within 20 years of Jesus’ resurrection, the early church had a strong influence on the known world and had “turned the world upside down.” Can the Church do the same in the 21st century? What would it take to reach the whole world in our time?


Episode Thirty Nine: 2014 Simple Church Conference Wrap Up

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Tom and Gavin are back in the studio and they share their impressions and highlights from the recent Simple Church Conference held in September of 2014 in Wilmore, Kentucky.

Episode Thirty-One: See You at the 2014 Simple Church Conference

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For the past four years, advocates for Simple/Organic/House Churches in the Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio areas have organized regional conferences (Simple Church Conference, Simple Summit) for those interested in this unique way of being the Church. This year’s Simple Church Conference will be held on September 20th and 21st at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, less than a four hour drive from major metropolitan areas such as Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Louisville, and just minutes away from Lexington, Kentucky. Today’s podcast will describe the upcoming conference and give you some highlights from last year’s conference.

For more information and for registration details, go to


We hope to see you there!