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Can You Help Us With Some Research?


Hey folks, we’re doing some research for a future podcast. Specifically, we’re looking for anyone under age 35 who is or was involved in a house church, but may now be going to a traditional church. We have a simple 10 question survey that we would appreciate you taking the time to fill out. Your responses will be anonymous. Thanks!


Join Us For The 4th Annual Simple Church Conference! August 29-30, 2015 Lexington, Kentucky


We are excited to have Tony and Felicity Dale join us once again to share their wealth of knowledge and first hand experience with simple church planting across the globe.  You will not want to miss this great opportunity to be encouraged and equipped to experience Jesus and his Kingdom right where you live in simple ways!

Tony and Felicity have authored numerous books on the subjects of discipleship, house church, church multiplication and the ability of all believers to make disciples and start reproducing churches, including  Small Is Big!: Unleashing the Big Impact of Intentionally Small Churches, The Black Swan Effect, An Army of Ordinary People: Stories of Real-Life Men and Women Simply Being the Church

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What’s on your mind?

Gavin and Tom are recording new episodes next week. What would you like to hear us talk about on the show? Leave a comment.

What are the ramifications of this law for simple churches if it is passed?

Welcome to the Podcast! Enjoy!


keep it simple

Keep it Simple: Being the Simple Church in a Complex World is a podcast that explores the joys and challenges of being in a simple church, (aka organic church, micro church, or house church). Tom and Gavin are two guys from different parts of Kentucky who want to promote a simpler form of being God’s church while encouraging the making of Disciples of Jesus, and the multiplication of Simple Churches all over the world. For more information, see (Tom’s blog) or (Gavin’s webpage).