Monthly Archives: July 2016

77: Simple Church Multiplication

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How should a church grow? How do believers make more believers who will make yet more believers? Is there a fool-proof method for multiplying churches? Today, Gavin and Tom look at the concept of Church Multiplication within the Simple Church.

76: Racial Reconciliation and the Simple Church

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Recent events in the news remind us that even in the twenty-first century there exists a great deal of racial tension in North America. Even the church is not immune to prejudice, misunderstanding and injustice. Today, Gavin and Tom have a conversation about racial tensions and explore options for reconciliation within the Simple Church.

75: Who Can Baptize Others in the Simple Church?

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Jesus told his followers to make and baptize new disciples. Our tendency in the Western church is to leave these tasks to the “professionals” – specially trained and ordained clergy. But are these tasks limited only to these elite? Can any Christian baptize a new believer? What are some of the practical considerations of having a baptism in your simple church? Listen as Tom and Gavin discuss Baptism in the Simple Church.