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Episode Sixty Three: Are We DONE Yet?

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In a recent book called Church Refugees, Dr. Josh Packard examines why Christians of strong faith are walking away from the traditional church. They are “DONE” with church as we know it. Are these Christians turning their back on their faith, or are they seeking something more than the traditional North American church can give? Gavin and Tom discuss the concept of being “DONE” and what it means for the the church.


To read more about Dr. Josh Packard, click here.

More about “Dones.”

Episode Sixty Two: Celebrating Two Years of Podcasting!

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2 years

Keep It Simple has been on the air for two years now! The time has flown by! Today, Tom and Gavin reflect on the past two years of discussing the Simple Church and reveal plans for upcoming episodes. Prepare for a reboot of our podcast for 2016!

What are your favorite episodes from the last 61 posts? Leave a comment below. Also let us know what you want to discuss in the future.

Episode Sixty One: Refugees, Compassion, Security and the Church

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Today, Tom and Gavin discuss the recent promise from the Obama Administration of accepting more than 10,000 Syrian refugees, despite concerns that some of them may have ties to terror groups. Will we be compassionate to these desperate refugees? Is the risk of allowing potential terrorists into our country a real enough threat to prevent these refugees from coming to our shores? What is the Church’s stance on this complex issue? How should we treat refugees wherever they come from?