Episode Forty One: Time’s Fun When You’re Having Flies

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We have been casting our pods for one year now! In this episode, Gavin and Tom celebrate the one year anniversary of the Keep It Simple Podcast. Hear highlights of the past year’s recordings and listen as we plan for more podcasts in 2015!
NOTE: in the podcast, Tom mentioned sending your recorded comments to us in the event we decide to put them on the air. We’ve searched for a way to do this through WordPress, but can’t figure out how to do it. You CAN attach your short recording to an email and send it to:
NCFellowship77@gmail.com, or
On our Facebook page, you can upload a short video with your comments.
As always, we welcome your feedback in any form you decide to send it. God Bless!

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Two guys from Kentucky representing a House Church Network in Metro Louisville/Southern Indiana, and another Simple Church Network in Lexington. View all posts by thesimpleguys

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