Episode Twenty Four: Communion in the Simple Church

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This is Easter Week as well as Passover Week. It is fitting that we take time to discuss a very important topic for any church: Communion. It is one of the Sacraments, or Ordinances of the Church and a key practice for churches of all denominations. Communion is not just a ceremony to fill the time in a church service. Rather it is an important symbol of the atoning sacrifice, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this episode, we describe Communion and how it may be practiced in various ways in a Simple Church.

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One response to “Episode Twenty Four: Communion in the Simple Church

  • Jeff Herron

    We have begun the simple practice of incorporating the bread (Jesus’s body) and the cup (Jesus’s blood) into every meal we share as a family. We just want to make Jesus central to everything we do, and it is good to have Him not just at the beginning of the meal when we say thanks, but right there in our midst throughout. (Of course, He’s there with us all the time, but the physical bread and cup are a good and constant reminder!)

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