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Episode Nine: “Floating Churches” in Zambia

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In the book of Acts, we read how the Holy Spirit used simple people with simple techniques of spreading the good news of Jesus to the known world. In just a few decades, the early church turned the whole world upside down. Today, missionaries are still using these biblical forms of simple church to make disciples of all nations. In today’s podcast, we will meet a young missionary named Holly Steward. Holly works in Zambia along Lake Tanganyika with Operation Mobilization or OM. She is an administrator for the mission there. Today, She will describe for us a rather unusual method of planting simple churches among the fisherman living along the southern shores of Lake Tanganyika.

To see a video describing “Floating Churches,” click here

For more information about Operation Mobilization, click here

If you would like to support Holly in her work, click here

Episode Eight: Protecting the Simple Church from False Teaching, Part 2

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Part 2 of the podcast we started last week. We continue to discuss the dangers and remedies of false teaching in the Simple Church (or any church!).

Episode Seven: Protecting the Simple Church From False Teaching, Part One

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This week, Gavin and Tom talk about another hot topic and a common question concerning Simple/Organic/House church: What about False Teaching? The common perception from traditional church goers is that the simple church is a hotbed for false teaching. Is that really true? Listen as we tackle this controversial subject.

Episode Six: Children in the Simple Church

PC ButtonToday we cover one of the most asked questions concerning house church: What do I do with my children during church? We are all concerned that our children are growing in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). How is this done in a simple church?  Who’s responsibility is the spiritual formation of children? Tom and Gavin will discuss children in the church.

Episode Five: Discipleship and the Simple Church

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Today, Tom and Gavin talk about their passion for making disciples for Jesus and how the Simple Church is designed to facilitate that process.