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Episode Four: Is There a Model For Simple Churches to Follow?

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In this Podcast, Gavin and Tom discuss some of the various forms and models of Simple Church. Is there a “one size fits all” model that will work anywhere, or are individual churches as varied as snowflakes?

Episode Three: What Does Simple Church Look Like?

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Today, Gavin and Tom discuss what worship looks like in a small community of believers meeting in homes, parks, and other “off campus” venues. We hope these podcasts are helpful and informative for you. God Bless!

Episode Two: Beginnings, Part 2

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Tom and Gavin continue their discussion about their early involvement in the Simple Church movement.

Episode One: Beginnings, part 1


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Hear how Tom and Gavin became involved in simple forms of church.

Welcome to the Podcast! Enjoy!


keep it simple

Keep it Simple: Being the Simple Church in a Complex World is a podcast that explores the joys and challenges of being in a simple church, (aka organic church, micro church, or house church). Tom and Gavin are two guys from different parts of Kentucky who want to promote a simpler form of being God’s church while encouraging the making of Disciples of Jesus, and the multiplication of Simple Churches all over the world. For more information, see (Tom’s blog) or (Gavin’s webpage).