78: Simple Leadership for the Simple Church

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What do we look for in a leader? Is the leader of a Simple Church always the person with the right training, the right personality, the right gifts and abilities? Or is Simple Church leadership less complicated? What makes a leader among a group of Christ-Followers? Listen as Tom and Gavin discuss Biblical Leadership for the Simple Church.


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77: Simple Church Multiplication

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How should a church grow? How do believers make more believers who will make yet more believers? Is there a fool-proof method for multiplying churches? Today, Gavin and Tom look at the concept of Church Multiplication within the Simple Church.

76: Racial Reconciliation and the Simple Church

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Recent events in the news remind us that even in the twenty-first century there exists a great deal of racial tension in North America. Even the church is not immune to prejudice, misunderstanding and injustice. Today, Gavin and Tom have a conversation about racial tensions and explore options for reconciliation within the Simple Church.

75: Who Can Baptize Others in the Simple Church?

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Jesus told his followers to make and baptize new disciples. Our tendency in the Western church is to leave these tasks to the “professionals” – specially trained and ordained clergy. But are these tasks limited only to these elite? Can any Christian baptize a new believer? What are some of the practical considerations of having a baptism in your simple church? Listen as Tom and Gavin discuss Baptism in the Simple Church.

74: How Do We Share Our Faith?

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What is the most effective way to tell a friend how much Jesus means to you? How do you relate the gospel of Jesus to someone you’ve just met? Is there a fool-proof way of doing evangelism? Today, Tom and Gavin discuss the topic of sharing one’s faith.

73: Is Doctrine Important to Simple Church?

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Tom and Gavin have already stressed the importance of the study of scripture within the Church. But in our studies, what happens if people in our churches come up with numerous interpretations to a basic scripture passage? By what standard do we evaluate our interpretations? Is there value to systematic theology? Whose “doctrine” do we follow. In this lively and spirited discussion, Gavin and Tom examine the value of “contending for the faith once given to the saints.”

72: Inward or Outward Focus?

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One of the most common criticisms of Simple Churches is that they can become inwardly focused. We can meet together with the same few people each week, but we seldom invite visitors to our fellowship. Growth is stagnant. Outreach to unbelievers is weak. In fact, many Christians seldom interact with an unbeliever from day to day. Gavin and Tom discuss ways for small groups and simple churches to turn their focus outward toward a broken world that needs Jesus.


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